This looks an amazing resource, I only wish it had been available when I was separating. It looks really supportive and thoughtful and extremely useful for the needs of most people separating. And the low cost is really an added bonus as I know it is prohibitive for some people and was to my partner when I first suggested mediation. Well done and I hope it gets to those who need it.

DW Ramsgate.

This is a wonderful resource for couples who have embarked on the painful process of separation and divorce, which at times can feel utterly overwhelming. Ian and Zanne have laid out a clear pathway that helps you find your way through this difficult terrain. There is clarity here, sanity, and compassion and reason. I particularly value the fact that the emphasis is on the well-being of the children in this process. This is something I know I can recommend to friends and clients alike.

JT, RCST. Craniosacral Therapist

At last, a practical self help kit to guide parents through what can be an extremely painful and overwhelming process. Every parent wants the very best for their children but, at a time of separation, personal hurt and bewilderment about the future, that goal can often get lost in the layers of letting go of the past and adjusting to a new situation. Step by step, this guide will help lead you through that journey to reach what you both want- happy secure children!
VF Director Doorstep Homeless Families Project

I find the Guided Mediation Kit to be excellent and I am sure it will be very helpful for parents who are separating. (Perhaps later on you could do a kit for couples separating without children?) I find the content clear, potent and easy to understand. I also love the pictures, the colours and the presentation.
DP Mediator & Coach

At Carers Lewisham we often find that parents split up due to the pressures of caring for a family member who has a long term illness or disability. This DIY kit is an excellent resource for parents who are struggling in their relationships and who are considering their future as a couple. It helps couples recognise their own and in particular their children’s needs and helps them come to solutions that are best for all concerned. I highly recommend this resource

DJ MBE CEO Carers Lewisham