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Do you feel that you and your ex can sort things out between you if you both decide to?
Do you feel that you both could benefit from some outside expertise in how best to sort things out?
Will you feel secure enough if the agreements you make between you are not legally binding?
Have you, or could you, make a list of the things you want to discuss?
Are you ready to be open with your ex about your deepest concerns for your children, if your ex has also agreed that the want to resolve things?
Do you feel ready to listen to your ex’s deepest concerns and try to understand them?
Can you work with your ex without allowing any blame, hurt or anger about past behaviour to influence your decisions about the future?
Are you able to focus on your kids so that you can stay calm in the face of your ex irritating you?
Are you willing to put things on hold for a while if your ex says they are not ready or if your arguments are too circular?
Can you be open and honest to yourself about the things that matter most to you?
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